Why the ENT Institute chose PureChat

October 16, 2017 Corporate, Creative, Design, UI/UX 0 Comments

Recently, the Ear, Nose, and Throat Institute of Atlanta came to us with a request for help: their old chat client just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was difficult to use, wasn’t saving their transcripts, and just overall was not working with them. They wanted to shift away from their old chat client, and were looking for help getting their new one set up. We heard them out, came to their aid, by helping them with a complete chat integration of their new client, PureChat, a live-chat solution born out of a craving for user friendliness.

PureChat is a new, fresh take to Live Chat clients. One way or another we’ve all experienced chat pop-ups on websites. Take a moment to try and remember the last one you interacted with. Distinct image? Doubtful. PureChat changes that up though, making it a unique experience from site to site. The client is totally customizable from site to site, making sure that the chat client is 100% tailored to what you want customers to see.

On the other side of the screen, PureChat is equally customizable for your representatives, giving totally unique options for automatic responses, chatting times, even the notifications your representatives get when a new message pops in. It also lets them easily decide if they’re available or busy for chatting, even making it so that if no one’s available, it won’t let new chats go through. No more making customers feel alone on your site!

The best part? It’s free. All these base features are 100% free, no big ads, no intrusiveness, nothing that you, your representatives, or your customers will have to deal with!

If you’re looking for a new take on Chat Clients, maybe give PureChat a look. Or, if you’re wanting to see it in action, check it out on our friend, the ENT Institute’s site here.

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