TEK Case Study

The Challenge

TEK is like a TED talk group with speakers exclusively from the tech industry in the northwest corridor of Atlanta. The members wanted a website where they could send people for reference and a point of contact. It didn’t need much information, so a single page website was going to be perfect for this. We consulted with one of the founders and gathered requirements for both the logo and website, the main requirements for which were only:

  • Make it have a local feel
  • Don’t use blue as the primary color
TEK logo


TEK website designs


Logo Design
Wordpress Development

We always tell our clients that there’s nothing wrong with only having a short list of requirements for things like logos. Less constrictions can sometimes make the process go faster and also gives leeway for a variety of designs.

We sketched out a few designs of the local iconic mountain (aptly named “Kennesaw Mountain”). It was the first design in the proposal, and the team approved it on the spot. The website is built out in WordPress, and took about a day to construct.

The group continues to contact use BTG for additional materials they’ve needed along the way such as Powerpoints and social media tiles.

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