Start-up Services

It all starts with a dream; the first inkling of an idea that causes action. From discovery and design to implementations and management, BTG has experts along your path to guide and direct your dream to success.  We built our business on helping startups build theirs and we are uniquely designed to help both the entrepreneur and the investor reach their goal of going from startup to enterprise quickly and securely.


Your solution will evolve through constant collaboration from our team of diverse, skilled professionals as well as adaptive planning and evolutionary development. This – combined with continuous improvement and early delivery – allows your dream to change and grow rapidly with greater flexibility.

Diverse Competencies

Our team isn’t your jack of all trades group of developers; ones who know just enough about a subject to be dangerous. Your Dream Team includes specific subject matter experts who can communicate ideas and give expertise in each area and phase of your project.

Quick Delivery

Our agile work ethic allows us to be flexible and responsive to our partners needs within today’s competitive marketplace. We know your Dream has a time frame, and the quicker we help you get to market with your idea, the greater your chance to succeed.

Smart Tech Spending

Startups aren’t created by corporations. Budgets are tight and there’s little (if any) room for hiring special developers or doing research. Your ideas deserve proper financial management as well. By keeping every aspect of your project under one roof you allow more of your money for marketing, sales and the other aspects that grow your Dream.