Product Services

Do you have legacy systems that no longer meet the requirements of your growing organization? Is it failing regularly, no longer supported or can’t be upgraded to meet requirements of newer operating systems? You’re not alone. Legacy software has become a liability for thousands of businesses; costing thousands and sometimes millions in lost revenue each year.

Thoughtful Design

By developing products that drive business instead of prohibiting it, BTG can take the best features of your old systems and combine them with your current business needs to make you more agile and profitable. All with an eye to the future of your organization and the ability to adapt to changes quickly and effortlessly. This gives you the freedom to work beyond the confines of your software and within the confines of your imagination.

Frequent Check-Ins

Through verification and validation, we are with you every step of the way to make sure we are building the right product for your needs.

We also push our products to the next level through internal quality control; ensuring that we are building your product the right way, so that errors after launch are minimized.

Post-production Support

And after the launch? BTG is there as well.

We stand by everything we do with a team of developers that will allow you to fine tune your software needs and make changes as new opportunities arise. Technology is always changing, so BTG will be there to update your software with each new change in browser and operating system.

Or do you know you can’t afford to hang on to that old software a day longer? Either way BTG can make recommendations that can make your business run smoother, with less hassle and with an eye on the bottom line.