Inspection & Analysis Services

Are your customers seeing what you need them to see? Have you covered all the bases to make sure you’ve reached your market with your message?

As business owners we constantly think about one thing; reaching the customer, and in today’s competitive marketplace your website is one of the first places they look…

BTG will evaluate your existing website, based on 9 factors and offer you advice on how to improve various components. All at no charge to you!

Content Development

Landing Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Browser Compatibility


Overall Design & Flow


Mobile Compatibility

One of our professionals will walk you through your website and point out any recommendations and enhancements that you should consider. Not with just an eye on aesthetics but also on ease of use, customer experience and Search Engine Optimization.

BTG will create a custom analysis worksheet for you including all our suggestions as well as a few new ones we may create in our consultation. Included will be a cost analysis for updating your website to the specifications we recommend and that you desire. Choose to do them all at once or a little at a time. The choice is yours!