Our Process

It all starts with a conversation….. The setting is often forgettable, but the moment rarely is. The first step in the process of constructing your future is to share your Dream. Getting it to the final steps of realization can sometimes take a little doing however. For though the earth is said to have been created in seven days, your Dream may take a little longer.

Regardless of where you are in your process, BTG has the experts to help you along the way.

Have an idea, but don’t know where to start?

ROI Analysis

ROI allows you and future investors to weigh the risks and the rewards for your project. This entails solidifying your vision, discovering and gathering the correct information, analyzing that information and validating your dream to ensure that it reflects the most likely scenario.

Application Strategy and Deployment

You fail to plan or you plan to fail. Without the proper planning your dream can run into a brick wall. Delays and gaps can cause cost overruns and in the end you can be stuck with a project that has a lot of potential but no capital to power it to completion. This is where we target opportunities, identify and mitigate risk, and seek out potential revenue sources.

I have a strategy, but what next?

Strategic Development

With a proper approach to strategic development you mitigate the risk of wasting time and resources on re-building features and benefits for your application. This is where we develop key analysis in to application value and risks, dependencies and the end goals. This allows for a better time-to-market and better overall product development.

Strategic Feature Definition

What are the features of your Applications? How will they work? Without this information developers can’t develop and you can run into costly overruns of time and resources. This is the time and place to define features, user flow, and begin building a basic wireframe that will serve as our cornerstone for your design and development.

Quick Ideation

Want important people to have a better understanding of your Dream? Show them! This involves providing you with a visual concept of your idea to share with shareholders, investors or your management team.

Time to put all the pieces in place…


Imagine that your audience can not only see your dream but interact with it as well! This is where we take your existing concept and design and construct an interactive prototype ready for you to demonstrate to your target audience. (This is where they ooooooh and ahhhhhhh…)

Testing (and then more testing)

You can’t afford to waste time and resources on hoping something works to its full potential. Our detailed analysis will provide you with the information you need to make improvements that will allow for greater usability, reduce confusion and create an overall better end-user experience.

Keeping up with the Jones.com…

Continual Growth

Just launching a website and clocking analytics isn’t the endgame. There really isn’t one. You gave birth to this baby; it’s time to maintain and develop it into the potential star it is. BTG will continually monitor its health and wellness all the while giving you the support and evaluation needed to grow and develop your dream into maturity. You understand that your application is a process and so do we; changes need to be made, software updates and optimization with browsers need to be supported. Your baby deserves Mary Poppins, not the care of a teenager there to pass the time and eat up your resources.