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October 27, 2017 Creative, Networking, Spotlight 0 Comments

While the Northwest Corridor is a great place to live, it can sometimes be tough to network here. Often times, once you’re out of school or not in the workplace, you’re on your own in regards of meeting new people in the technology industry, for whatever reason. In even worse case scenarios, you’ll have to travel out of the area to find what you’re looking for. What if that weren’t the case? Introducing TEKAtl, short for Technology Experts of Kennesaw, a social networking group in the Kennesaw and Metro Atlanta area.

A movement spearheaded by Build Technology, Kennesaw State, and a few more of our excellent partners, TEKAtl is a group with 3 devoted causes: Community, Business, and Education. By helping to promote a community of tech aficionados and professionals in the area, they hope to ensure that Kennesaw can become a place where the tech savvy are welcomed and embraced. Even beyond the sense of community, business leaders are welcomed as well, making sure that small IT business owners, freelance individuals, can all meet and make a name for themselves as well. Rounding off the trifecta, this group isn’t just for people out in the work force; it’s for students as well! Kennesaw State University outputs a great amount of talent; we want to make sure they can find work and growth opportunities here as well without having to leave their homes.

Interested? Unfortunately, membership is closed right now to invitation only, but you’re more than welcome to come check out our site and submit your contact information.

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