Life Is Not An App Case Study

The Challenge

This has probably been one of the strangest discovery phases we’ve ever had. Pretty much all we had to go on was , “This is a surprise gift for the client’s wife. Here’s a logo she likes the look of. They’re going to sell t-shirts.” And a timeline of a few days.

Life Is Not An App logo


Life Is Not An App website


A Frank Branding Discussion

We asked for time with the client to ask some basic branding questions, because that was frankly just not enough to go on without making a lot of judgement calls and assumptions on behalf of our partner’s wife. So we hopped on the phone and asked the following (seen to the right).

We were only able to get answers to the last, though the partner was pleased with our thoroughness. The rest, he said, were all questions only his wife could answer. We were going to have to make assumptions after all.

Creating a website off of so little information can be daunting, if not outright roadblocking, but our graphics team was inspired by the story our partner had told us of the brand, and in about 48 hours, we were able to demo a fully functioning e-commerce website with dummy products created in house.

The best part? Our partner loved it. His wife thought it was perfect down to the impromptu logo we created on the fly. And the cherry on top of it all was that they even decided to adopt one of our dummy product designs as a real t-shirt they now sell in the shop.

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Our Questions


Why are we here? Why does the brand exist? What’s it designed to do? What’s your vision?


Who are we trying to talk to? Who does LINAA want to serve? What are their interests? Where do they spend time? What do they care about?


How are we planning to communicate? Blog? Social media? Word of mouth? Printed marketing materials?


What’s our story?