IUC Case Study

The Challenge

IUC was referred to us by an existing partner of ours. As a company that provides services to the utility industry in many municipal and residential properties, they had a unique industry need in a website that represented and communicated well. Their existing website at the time did not provide users with a responsive or mobile interaction, and their content needed better organization.

IUC's website before redesign


IUC's website after redesign


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The Process

A great way to begin any project is to do thorough competitor research. This can give insights into your competition’s process, anticipating marketing strategies, identifying best practices, and identifying strengths as well as weaknesses. You never want to copy what your competitors are doing, but using their example as a path for making your product and process better is always going to lead to a better customer experience for your own clients.

IUC has a very specialized service they offer, so we wanted to really cater to that, and much of the competitor research showed that they were already leaps and bounds beyond their competition. All they needed was a good platform to show their story in graphically, and better content to tell it. We were able to bring both of these aspects to the table with collaboration between our teams.