Are you a Dream Builder?

At BTG we know that the best way to keep the most talented professionals is by giving them challenging projects, and surrounding them with the best in the business. So if you’re ready to grow, to be challenged, and to become one of the best please see the available positions below:

Available Positions

     Job Description

    Software developers are the engine behind the design, development, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

    Much more than writing code developers are expected to play an important role in in making the business more effective. A software developer is expected to interact with business and play in integral part in designing (in as much) the business as the technical solution.

    The skill in this is creating the code to link systems together.

    So, what will I actually be doing?

    As a software developer you are expected to enter a code-base and not only complete the necessary work, but leave the system in a better state than when work began. As an example, keeping software upgraded to the latest version, adding missing components to source control, and adding unit tests to prevent degradation of the codebase in future releases.

    You’ll be responsible for:

    • Managing current systems for our partners
    • Designing and implementing new systems and software solutions for our partners
    • Iterating potential businesses, products and solutions
    • Presenting ideas for system and company improvements
    • Working closely with business users, UI/UX designers, and other members of the team
    • Developing software that meets our partners needs
    • Maintaining the systems once they are up and running
    • The bigger business picture, not just its IT requirements

    What skills will I use most often?

    • Angular.js
    • ASP.NET using C#, MVC
    • HTML5 / CSS while keeping an eye on performance and architecture
    • REST API development patterns
    • XML and JSON messaging
    • Agile development

    What skills would be a bonus?

    • AWS, Azure, or any Cloud experience
    • MEAN Stack experience
    • Source Control
    • Regular Expressions
    • Familiarity with leading JavaScript framework(s) (Angular.js, React.js, etc.)

    How is my performance measured?

    • Attitude – Software developers are expected to maintain a positive mental attitude and present a positive influence in their own lives, and the lives of their co-workers. As representatives of Build Technology Group your ability to present the best of yourself is a primary responsibility.
    • Work Product – At the end of each project or engagement the things that remain are our work product. A software developer is expected to produce a professional and appropriate work product (software, designs, documentation).
    • Output – Time to market is a critical asset in our business and more importantly in the business of our partners. The ability to quickly respond and provide real value is a key metric in a software developer’s performance.
    • Responsiveness – Software developers that produce a quality work product and output need to be capable of responding quickly. Failing to respond to correspondence or provide a solution in a timely manner damages our reputation within the Build Technology Group family and does not meet our basic services demand.
    • Team Contribution / Collaboration – As a member of our team you are expected to contribute towards the goals of the team in a spirit of team work and collaboration. Your work as an individual contributor is paramount, but is always measured against the work that your team has been able to accomplish.
      • Mentoring – The team is expected to provide opportunities within for advising and training of skills. Diffusion of skills and technical acumen is required for success.
      • Collaboration – In sports and in business, a successful team will always beat a group of more skilled individuals. You must work as part of the team and collaborate with others.
      • Participation – You must participate in team activities and work towards the teams objectives.

    You can also check our Linked In for job postings. If you don’t see something, hit us up anyway. We’re always willing to hear you out if you think you’d be a good match for us in some way. Send us your resume at, and check back in the future for openings.

    Something for Everyone

    A lot of companies talk about culture–their awesome office, fun events and great perks. But we view culture differently. We believe it’s about rallying people who enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s skill. It’s about working alongside people you rely on to spar with you intellectually one moment, then grab tacos with you the next.

    Sitting, standing or otherwise

    You can do your work from anywhere, and in any style you want: sitting, standing or lounging about in your favorite spot.

    Music, coffee and conversation

    We love music, coffee and technologically inclined folks to share it with. If you’re the questioning type, we want you with us. Not a yes-man.

    Wear what you like

    We want you because you have mad skills and get things done, not because you won Best Dressed that one time. But every day can be Formal Friday if you want it to too.