Bolt Group Realty Case Study

The Challenge

Bolt Group Realty was looking for a more user-friendly website to put a spotlight on their business, something that really gave that same luxurious feel as the homes they were selling and that complimented their existing branding.

Screenshot of Bolt Group Realty before redesign


Screenshot of Bolt Group Realty after redesign


An Open Source CMS

The client was opposed to using WordPress as a platform at first after having a bad experience with it in the past and feeling like many of the template sites were too boring. Our team took the time to sit with the client and invited her to show us sites she liked, and did some competitor research of other realtors in the same bracket of homes as her. This helped build trust within the project, and led to us being able to show the client that many of the sites she showed us (and liked best) were WordPress. We’ve written an article on the benefits and reasons we choose WordPress which we shared with our partner over this process, so we won’t go into that here, but you can read it here if you like. By doing this with them, we were able to convince her to allow us to build her website using this CMS. We always offer training with any of our WordPress sites.

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