ATP Case Study

The Challenge

The executive team at BTG has a long-standing relationship with the Board over at ATP, and our director of managing services is even on it. The site’s design was dated, unresponsive, and a little convoluted, making it difficult for the group to gain new conversions for membership. Being a large, professional networking group, gaining new members was half the purpose of the site (the other half being for events management and existing member information).

Screenshot of ATP's website before



Web Design
IA Optimization

The discovery phase of this project was brief, and we came away with a branding guide and a tight turn around time to just get the project done. There were very few requests other than to keep to the existing branding colors, logo, and to give more visual strength and social integration to the events calendar section of the site.

140 Pages
5 Business Days

New Site Boosted Conversions Significantly

Thankfully the client had complete faith in our abilities from building trust with us on a previous project, and we were able to not only complete the site in one business week, but were able to do it with almost zero requested revisions to any of the design choices. We consider that a huge win, and the Board of Directors was thrilled with their new site. Their conversion rates have never been higher.

Design Refresh

The focal pages of the website catered to existing members by displaying the event calendar feed front and center. If the objective were to get better attendance to meetings, this would be a good design layout, but the group wanted to focus on conversions of new members, so we changed the focus to communicate branding purpose and service draws.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

While we kept the WordPress CMS driving the site, we scrapped many of the other elements that were dated software and plugins that were not solving the problems the client needed solved. Most importantly though, we converted the site into a mobile-friendly, responsive layout.

ATP's responsive capabilities

The Results

ATP has been continually thrilled with our work on their site, and engaged us to continue maintenance on their site as well as their hosting. Also, they host some pretty spiffy events. Go check them out sometime.

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