A New Face in the Insurance Game: Provider Web Capital

October 31, 2017 Corporate, Development, Spotlight 0 Comments

Some of the most stressful questions to deal with are always those about medical insurance. No matter which side of the operating table you’re on, dealing with insurance agents, sending in claims, or just plain waiting for the money to come in, it’s all such a painful hassle. Let me introduce you to Provider Web Capital, (PWC for short). PWC is a fresh new take on the system, relieving at least some of the stress from your shoulders.

What does PWC actually do? For doctors, PWC helps them by processing their insurance claims for them, getting them a portion of the claim immediately and sending the rest over whenever it processes through them. Don’t think PWC is just for the doctor, though. For customers, it lets them apply for a line of credit through their business, letting them get treatments without having to pay a large sum immediately.

Of course, such a great idea, needed help to execute well. The basic framework was there, but we made sure they could get the project going perfectly from the start right to the finish. From maintaining their web-servers to doing actual development for their online security and databases, we’ve made sure to walk right at their side, helping them every step of the way.

That’s not all PWC’s going for though. Right now, we’re collaborating over a new addition to the site, for patients who can’t necessarily leave the house. If you’re interested, you can keep up with them on their site and see what exciting things they do next!

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